Zubedy Public Program

Zubedy public programs offers practical ‘how-to’ concepts and skills for participants to enrich and build their career.

We believe a stronger employee base takes an organization further.  




Program July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
1) Present as Yourself: Presentation Skills Program by Anuprakash 12-14          6-8
2) Managing for Performance: Leaders Create Performance by Darrel Lourdes   9-11     15-17  
3) STOP the blame game and take ownership: A Making A Difference program by Anuprakash      6-8      13-15
4) How to Organize Mentoring scheme for your organization: Mentoring for Leaders by Anas Zubedy         8-9  
5) Managing Across Generation by Anas Zubedy 26-28     11-13    
6) Marketing Orientation Change Program by Ho Hau Chieh   23-25       6-8
  • Dates subject to change based on trainer’s availability.

 Please choose the date according to the programs that you are interested. Payment can be made through this website or

call us at 03 – 7733 6919 for further inquiries.




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