What is #SaySomethingNice Campaign (#SSNC)?

The #SaySomethingNiceCampaign organized by zubedy is an annual campaign that promotes unity and positivity. The campaign which began in 2011, runs from Hari Merdeka (31st August) to Hari Malaysia (16th September).

The campaign aims to spread positivity and unity messages throughout the nation, especially during the 17 days campaign period. It should be a time of peace and truce, where we take the time to stop, reflect, and reset. This is important for only positivity can breed positive actions and results.

It is no doubt that any other days, can be utilized to spread positivity and unity messages too however, the 17 days-time gap is seen as a focused time, where each and every Malaysians, gather and unite for Malaysia. The 17 days’ time segment can be our window to the world, where it will showcase what Malaysia is all about.

Through the #SaySomethingNiceCampaign, it is hoped that Malaysians from all walks of life will take the initiative to embrace and appreciate the shared traditions which makes us Malaysians. By doing this hand in hand, WE can strengthen our bonds and create a big momentum to create long-lasting and impactful change.

Ultimately, the dream is that one day the period between Hari Merdeka and Hari Malaysia will be an iconic Malaysian time segment in the same manner as Bon Odori and Sakura Festival are associated with Japan, Holi with India, Mardi Gras with New Orleans, and Carnival with Rio de Janeiro.

In short, #SSNC will represent the best time to experience the best of Malaysia. In turn, this will attract the attention of visitors globally to come to our shores to witness nice things about Malaysia, thus creating an economic value to our unity in diversity.


#SSNC Projects

There are over 60 supporters comprising or government bodies, business organizations, educational institutions, NGOs as well as individuals were involved in #SaySomethingNice Campaign

The 57 projects under the #SaySomethingNice campaign resulted from supporters’ involvement depicted several innovative – unity related activities.


Some of the projects under the #SaySomethingNice campaign : 


Some of our supporters under the #SaySomethingNice campaign :

#SSNC Poster

The #SSNC poster is one of the very first initiatives in #SSNC. It is also the simplest way to support the campaign. The poster encourages a positive environment as it is a simple tool to help Malaysians unite. Not only the public, we also encourage organizations to take the poster in bulk, to ensure that the message can be spread to an even wider audience

Interested parties can request and place as many copies of the poster around their premises or on public notice boards from Hari Merdeka to Hari Malaysia. If they wish to customize the poster or print it at their own cost, we can provide the design upon request. With this poster up and ready to be written on, colleagues or students or members of the public have the opportunity to share something nice on the poster’s yellow sticky notes.

Please do contact us at 03-7733 6919 to know more about this campaign and how to join us.


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