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Developing Human Assets

– How to guide top talents reach their highest potential?

We are living in tough times. Demands on organizations have change. Competition, uncertainty and the ever-changing environment suggest that organizations must hurry to integrate strategic goals with the development of individuals, especially their top talents. These top talents must be developed and protected by your organization as they are your most valuable asset – the human asset.

There is an urgent need to connect organizational goals to leadership and leadership to managing succession. Key in achieving this goal is better relationships between leadership and the current talent pool. Better relationships can help facilitate the speed of knowledge transfer and change adaptation faster than the changes taking place in the environment. Better relationships can also help people feel anchored and remain motivated in changing times.

Mentoring is essential in building relationships and the transfer of knowledge between leadership and top talents in organizations. A mentor can help a mentee learn something he or she would have learned less well, more slowly, or not at all if left alone. It is also a way of keeping alive the invaluable spirit inside the organization in years to come, as the flag bearers retire.

zubedy’s Mentoring for Leaders is a practical workshop that can prepare managers and executives as Mentors and Mentees respectively. Each of these programs will take 2 days. This program combines strong conceptual framework, adequate implementation know-how and many real life examples.

These 2 day sessions provides an overview of mentoring and how to charter a mentoring system at your organization. In this workshop, participant will be able to:-

  1. Understand the concept and practice of Mentoring
  2. Understand the business context that makes Mentoring essential to today’s business
  3. Appreciate how Mentoring can assist them guide top talents
  4. Be familiar with the approaches to Mentoring
  5. Know how to be an effective Mentor / Mentee