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Workforce dynamics are changing - driven by far-reaching trends like ethnic and age diversity, local and global competition for limited talent and unprecedented pressures on leaders and managers to deliver. One major element that has become key in managing the above challenges is centered on leading employees to produce their best work.

This program is a working workshop. Participants will not only be exposed to what they need to do but will also practice it during the program. They will be led to a structured process using the knowledge taught resulting in the necessary skills being used during the three day program.  This session will also force the participants to relook at their belief and value systems in order to convince them why they should practice it. This is important because when a person does not have the right supporting belief, they will not be able to commit and take actions. We cannot create a performance culture without first having the needed belief system. 

This program aims to provide a more holistic form of development to the subject of managing performance while at the same time providing enough details for execution. There are four major focus areas:

  1. Strengthening the leader to be more performance orientated.
  2. Setting clear and meaningful expectations, which is the critical first step in ensuring performance. Performance can only be measured after clear expectations and clarity of goals. 
  3. Diagnosing employee performance – leaders and managers must have a point of view and have a stand on how their employees are performing. Without having a point of view on how they are doing and why they may or may not be performing, it will be hard to take good interventions and provide meaningful feedback. 
  4. Providing the right type of feedback – this is the critical ingredient that nurtures a performance culture. It helps employees develop self-awareness and business acumen. It also gives employees a clear picture on how things should be done and helps employees grow in the right direction.